We are currently seeking to build a bibliography of sources which relate our Christian faith to our disciple areas, or to put it differently about "Thinking Christianly / Redeeming the Mind".

These references have been provided by C-A-N- members,

They have not been checked out by us and we offer no comments on whether or not they are academically or theologically sound - we leave that up to the reader to determine.

As will become evident this is a new initiative - and therefore the list is short. Please help us by making recommendations to add to the list (send your recommendations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Thank you.

Title Author Hits
Advice To Christian Philosophers Written by Prof Alvin Plantiqa 2599
Cambridge Papers Written by Various 2542
Faraday Papers Written by Various 2357
KLICE Written by Maurice Manktelow 1738
Past and present trading in lives (slavery) Written by Editor 2670
Perspective from physical science Written by Editor 2653
Whitefield Briefings Written by Editor 2698