The conference was organised in order to provide a special opportunity to read and reflect on a new book of that title which is about a theme close to the heart of C-A-N's constituency. ( The book* contains 17 essays discussing aspects of the issue of "The Idea of a Christian University").

The opportunity to develop a critical understanding of some of the issues raised in the book provided a frutiful opportunity for thinking through how our calling to be academics connects with our calling to be Christians.

Prior to the conference a number of papers were submitted ranging from a discussion of some of the issues raised in the book to suggestions on how we might carry the issues forward following the conference.

If you were not at the conference, whilst you will have missed the opportunity of joining in the thoughtful and provocative discussion - you can still read the stimulating papers submitted for discussion:

The Idea of a Christian University: A brief review of the early section of the book - from Dr Sue Vaux Halliday
The Idea of a Christian University: Reflections particularly on Chapters 11 and 15 - from Prof John Wolffe
Reflections on the idea of a Christian University - Prof Same Berry
The Idea of a Christian University: Reflections - Prof Andrew Basden
Every Christian Graduate a Bible Student - Prof David Booth
An idea on the way ahead - Dr Gwynne Davies

* Astley J., Francis L., Sullivan J. & Walker A. (eds) (2004) The Idea of a Christian University, Paternoster Press (Authentic Media), Carlisle. ISBN: 1842272608.


Following the conference a short Annual General Meeting was held
Minutes of previous AGM - as published on the website - were approved
Alan Hewerdine reported that a small financial surplus existed in the accounts. C-A-N was financial sustainable at current levels - but not for any growth (should it be required)
The leadership team reported that changes were being proposed to the constitution which were designed to help C-A-N be more effective in the future. These were currently being considered by our sponsors - Agape and UCCF. The membership would be informed of any developments following feedback from our sponsors.

Leadership Team:
Prof Mike Pidd retired as chair - and we all wish to record our thanks appreciation for all leadeship over the past few years.
Dr Sue Vaux Halliday was elected as Chair
Dr Maurice Manktelow was elected as Secretary
Prof Andrew Basden, Prof David Booth and Dr Gwynne Davies continued in their respective roles on the leadership team.
Prof J Wolffe voluntered to join the leadership team to help co-ordinate the 2006 conference
Dr Keiran Fernandes volunteered to join the leadership team in a supporting role
Alan Hewerdine was continuing as the UCCF representative
Andy Atkins was continuing as the Agape representative (agreed in his absence)