There is a lot of good, thoughtful and thought provoking material in this paper. There is much I can say, as the man from Del·Monte would say, 'YES' to [or as the theologian would say 'Amen, bruvver'!].

But I must confess that, as someone who is more at home in concrete ideas rather than more conceptual ideas, I do find it somewhat confusing [or confused].

I would like to ask Robert a [hypothetical] question in an attempt to clarify, in my mind, what Robert is arguing for in Inst X.

Imagine, Robert that finances were not a consideration and not a problem, and that you could recruit to Inst X whoever you wanted to · how would you go about building Inst X and how would it function? What would it look like in 5II0 years time?

What exactly is Robert wanting to do with salt? Is he arguing for building a bigger I better salt cellar or is he arguing for better distribution of the salt and making it more saltier? And how can his goal be achieved?

Maurice Manktelow, Bradford College