Faith in the Academy: Shaping Our Disciples
Exploring positive contributions that a Christian faith-perspective can make to core disciplines in today’s academy


Outcomes: Andrew Basden summarised the conference outcomes in a single word - "excellent".
He expands on this as follows -  "I have been writing a report and, in doing so, realise how much came out of the two days.  Here are some of the pointers that emerged on how we can contribute to shaping our disciplines and "tak[ing] captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ" (II Cor 10:5).
  • Nature of Christian Scholarship
  • Helping to re-integrate 'normative theory' with 'empirical science'
  • Helping the disciplines escape reductionism
  • Value concrete experience
  • Identify key theoretical issues
  • Develop non-dualistic Biblical worldview
  • Engage with Christian Voices
  • Find Friends
  • Historical analyses of the long-term impacts of worldviews
  • Contribute what is missing
  • Self-giving
  • Reestablish unity of the social + natural
  • Courage and humility
  • How to retain Christian stance
  • Systematic understanding of how beliefs and religious commitments influence science
  • Dooyeweerd's suite of aspects
  • Christian as working at the margins and therefore able to present fresh insights
  • Return to non-Christian cultures

To me, this is an excellent outcome.