C-A-N- is developing a collection of short pieces that give an individual's Christian perspective on current activity in an academic discipline or graduate profession or across professions / disciplines. We are looking for additional contributors (or reviewers) of such personal perspectives. We are also looking for additional ideas for topics on which such an overview would be useful - particularly multi-disciplinary or inter-professional issues.

1) If you know of any such perspectives which already exist then please send details to the perspectives editor so that we can reference them.

2) If there is no perspective for your discipline or profession then:
- please volunteer a personal Perspective on some issue to which you have brought biblical thinking and academic study or
- suggest someone who might be willing to write of short piece of this sort.

For more information, to make a comment or a suggestion, please send an email to our perspectives editor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Below is a complete list all current perspectives.

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Title Author Hits
MEDICINE: Permanent Vegetative State Written by James Read 9070
MEDICINE: Spiritual aspects Written by John Gordon 6535
PHILOSOPHY: Love in early Hegel Written by Pravin Jeyara 18210
PHYSICS Fundamental constants: designed or happenstance? Written by John Polkinghorne; Rodney Holder 5746
PHYSICS: Christianity and Natural Philosophy Written by John Hedley Brooke 6533
POLITICS: Christian ideals in Parliamentary action Written by John Coffey 6211
POLITICS: Lincoln's belief in Providence Written by Richard J. Carwardine 6296
POLITICS: Relationships Written by John Coffey 6042
POLITICS: The Bible and British government Written by Julian Rivers 6572
POLITICS: Trust Written by Bible Society authors 5753