Christian H.E. Journal abstracts

Mark was born more into political radicalism, both his parents having become Marxists and protest atheists following the pain of the Holocaust. By 16 Mark was the Chairman of British Communist Party Youth. Later, whilst at High School, he challenged another student to a public debate on the evidence of the resurrection when she claimed that it was the basis of her Christian faith. But whilst researching his opponent’s case in the library, Mark came to such a crushing intellectual and personal conviction that Jesus had risen from the dead, that he became His surprised disciple whilst preparing for the debate!

Mark began studying Government at the London School of Economics, knowing that if he still believed in Jesus at graduation he would lose relationships with both parents, but was able to lead his father to Jesus in his second year at university. Mark was called to be an evangelist at the end of his degree and is an ordained Baptist minister. He served UCCF as an Overseas Students Travelling Secretary and was the Agape Campus Director and Baptist Chaplain at Newcastle University while he studied there for a doctorate in American Christian History. After serving in that capacity for 10 years he became a local Baptist pastor before becoming involved in ministry to Jewish students and young professionals. It was only following his conversion, that Mark both really discovered and embraced his Jewish identity, and whilst he works part-time for C-A-N- he will also be an evangelist for Jewish mission in Italy as well as an Adjunct Professor in Historical Theology at a small Mennonite college in Indiana!

Marie Surey is a Speech Pathologist from an Irish Catholic background, who became a Believer as a recently qualified therapist via the ministry of college friends. Mark and Marie were married in 2001.

Five years ago they moved to New York, where, Mark serves at the Feinberg Centre, a Messianic Jewish Seminary run by Chosen People Ministries in New York, although he is also involved in Jewish evangelism and the discipleship of Jewish Believers in New York. Mark and Marie plan to move back to London in June.

For most of his adult life Mark has been bi-vocational, and is used to teaching an undergraduate course while being both an intentional witness and disciple in an academic setting. We hope that this combination of ministry skills and academic credentials will be of great benefit in his service for C-A-N-.

If you would like to support his ministry financially please contact Stewardship Services UKET and request to donate to his account.